Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free LAN Search Program - LAN Search Pro

Free LAN Search Program - LAN Search Pro

In my last company one of the most amazing time pass things I used to do when I don’t have any work was to look for movies, and songs shared on the company local area network. But browsing every computer shared resources for movies, songs could be really tiring if there are large number of computers to search for on your local area network.
LAN Search Pro is a free utility which lets you search across your LAN network, you can specify the file names or file types you are searching for on your LAN network.

If you want to search for all the movies and songs shared across your company network you can simply type in the search term as
and press the green play button to start searching.
You can select any of the result in the search, right click on the search result to copy that file to your computer.

By default LAN Search Pro lets you search on the entire network but you can alos filter out which computers or network range it should search through options in LAN Search Pro.
LAN Search Pro is 100% free program, it does not contain any adware, spyware and malware etc. LAN Search Pro is also available in portable version which you can take any where on your pen drive and launch directly from your pen drive.
Download LAN Search Pro Download LAN Search Pro (Portable Version)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4 Ways To Create A Free Pencil Sketch Of Your Photos

4 Ways To Create A Free Pencil Sketch Of Your Photos

One of my friend just asked me how can she create a photo sketch her profile pic at facebook, its really amazed to see the pencil sketch of some of the pictures of your own.

As the pencil sketch are so natural to represent the real beauty of the picture as if its drawn by pencil only and you can impress your friends around on various social networks like orkut, facebook etc.
Today we will tell you 4 free ways to create a pencil sketch online and offline both. Let’s see how can you create a pencil sketch with some free tools available online and offline.
1. FotoSketcher ( Free Offline Sketch Tool )
It is a free utility which allows you to convert any your digital photos into pencil sketch automatically.

Download FotoSketcher
2. Dumpr Sketch Tool ( Free Online Sketch Tool )
Dumpr pencil sketch tool lets you convert any image into pencil sketch, you just need to locate and upload the image.

Link to Dumpr Sketch Tool -
3. ( Free Online Sketch Tool )
It is another free tool on internet which lets you create some amazing pencil sketch of your photos

Link to Sketchmyphoto Sketch tool -
4. ( Free Online Sketch Tool )
It is a cool free service which lets you convert your photos into a cool art work including a pencil sketch too.

Link to Befunky Tool -
These are all the tools we know as per our knowledge if you know more free tools for doing the same thing please comment at the end of this post we would love to add it as well.
Note: If you know some basics of image editing you may like to do this by yourself with photoshop here is a small and easy tutorial for the same

Monday, February 9, 2009

Free Download Flv To iPhone Converter

Free Download Flv To iPhone Converter
I have been searching on web for a free flv to iPhone converter for some days after i got a new iPhone 3g this month. After googling a lot I got to plenty of them but they were either generalised video converter and i want a specific type of free converter software to convert the downloaded youtube flv videos to iphone video (MP4) format.
Finally, I found a free dedicated flv to iphone converter which is quite good as per quality which you can select in between three low,standard and high quality. More over you can select to convert flv to iPhone or mp3 format.
Note: Nothing comes free, although it is a free software which comes bundled with with toolbar which you can set not to install at the time of installation.
At the time of installation you need to unclick the following options if you don’t want to install toolbar.
I accept the license agreement and want to install and enable the ask toolbar
Enable address bar search feature
Set my home page to
(as shown in the image below)

After complete installation you can easily convert one or more flv videos to iphone format, you can also select to get mp3 out of your flv videos.

Copy the url of the youtube videos you want to download and convert to iphone or mp3 format the Input URLs box, select the output folder or go with the default output path.
Select the device Apple iPhone or MP3 Audio Only and the format before pressing the download button at the bottom right of the application.
Download Youtube To iPhone Converter

Save / Download All Images From Websites

Save / Download All Images From Websites

We all know if we want to download all the images form a website it becomes so much tiring task as you need to open all the images by clicking them all and then save them which becomes quite impossible if the images are larger in number.

Save images is a cool free firefox extension which lets you download all the images form any website on the internet, this extension is specially designed to download all the photos from any website you want.
If the images you want to download are shown as thumbnails and not in full size on the current page, even then Save Images allows to generate a list of links to the images.
With Save Images you can also set filters for downloading images between certain sizes or dimensions or save images only for a selected format. It will also rename images if there are two or more different images with same name.

Save Images would be a perfect free tool to download photos, images and wallpaper etc from various web sites on internet. The extension can be run from the right click menu or from File >> Tools Menu.
Save Images saves all the images so quickly and will display a small message on the system tray.

Open any wallpaper website from where you want to save all the wallpapers, normally you see a collection of large number of wallpapers shown as thumbnails and linked to respective pages so, if you select to save all the images form the current tab the thumbnails of the wallpapers get saved rather than the big wallpaper.
As the wallpapers are linked to different pages so you will first need to generate a link to all these wallpapers and open them all in 1 tab to save them all by selecting save all images in current tab.
How To Save Multiple Images With Save Images
1. Open the website page which contain multiple number of images, right click any where on the page and select Save Images >> Links >> Open ALL links in 1 Tab.

2. Now it will show a small window containing links to all the images in the current tab, unselect those which you don’t want to download and click OK

3. This will open all the linked images in 1 tab in different frames from where you can download them all by right click select Save Images >> Save Images from current tab

In all aspect save images is the best free tool for firefox to save images from any webpage you want on internet
Download Save Images